I have a B,Sc. with mathematics, physics and theoretical physics.

Also M.D.,  Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

My main interest is physics and consciuosness. Aslo to work for a synthesis between  wise and open science and wise and  trustworthy spirituality and  to attain knowledge and a substantial moral. .  I am working on a new model for counsciusness



On a mathematical possible extension of space-time in the special theory of relativity to six dimensions and its relation to near-death-experiences and to the mind-matter problem in general  Abstract

Presentation on  ICCP 2005  (World Conference for Cognitive Psychotheraphy)

 Abstract:Mind-body problem – undecidable but meaningful. Relevance for treatment of suicidal intention

I am using "Flatlanders" as to illustrate how higher dimension can be visualized

The orginal Flatland A Romance of many Dimensions was written by E Abbott about 1880 i..e before Einsteins special theory of relativity 1905. 

There is now a double book  Flatland Abbott/Sphereland Burger Collins 2001

A nice animation on Youtube


    (also for dramatic reasons  there are some minor incorrectnesses)