Brain scientists who show that the consciousness is not yet explained

Roger Sperry

was in Sweden 1981 to get his Nobel prize for research on”split-brain”.He was together with the two other Nobel laurates in medicin Torsten Wiesel och David Hubel invited to an evning with the medical students at Karolinska Institute, KI. They were asked what scientific discovery they hoped for in the future.  Hubel and  Wiesel wanted to know more about some cells in the visual cortex while Sperry without hesitation said: "To know how the brain creates consciousness". (My notes from KI 1981)

Antonio Damasio wrote in Scientific American dec 1999 a clear  article about "the hard problems" of consciousness which are not yet solved but he beleived they should be solved in 50 years.

Francis Crick

(one of the discoverers of DNA)and his collegue

Christof Koch

who now do research on brain and consciusness wrote in 

Nature Neuroscience 6 no 2 ,2003, 119-126:

”No one has produced any plausible explanation as to how the experience of the redness of red could arise from the action of the brain”

Philosphers who show that the consciousness is not yet explained

David Chalmers hompage

Facing up to the problems of Consciusness

"This paper gives a nontechnical overview of the problems of consciousness and my approach to them. In it I distinguish between the easy problems and the hard problem of consciousness, and argue that the hard problem eludes conventional methods of explanation. I argue that we need a new form of nonreductive explanation, and make some moves toward a detailed nonreductive theory. This paper, based on a talk I gave at the 1994 Tucson conference on consciousness" from Chalmers hompage

The Puzzle of Conscious Experience 

Mind and Consciuosness. Five questions

Chalmers on Youtube  Hard Problems    Emergence

Ricardo Manzotti

very interesting on Externalism


Philip Goff  

very clear arguments against pure physicalism and for panpsychism, see video   (first 20 min)

and book  and articles



Jan Pilotti

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