NB Einstein actually pondered over to call his theory the theory of the absoute because besides showing that space, time simultaniety, mass (and more) were relative he also showed what was absoulte

e.g.  c  the velocity of light in vaccum and "distance" in spactime

I don't know the sayings in english but in Sweden many people says "Allt är relativt" 

that is  "It's all relative"   But this is not what Einstein said!

History of electro-magnetsim up to space-time History e-m to spacetime
The starting point for my idea of six-dimensional relativity


Dr E A B Cole  mathematician who have published basic work on six dimensional realtivity.

On his homepage you find all references and an article. Among else he has written about

Prediction of dark matter using six-dimensional special relativity

 Dr Matej Pavsic physicist who have published on generalised LT, three times and tachyons

He solve the causality paradox with tachyons using Everetts manyworlds interpretation of QM.

As argued in my  abstract I think  Everetts interpretation is doubtful.

Prof Howard Wiseman have written an interesting history about   Einstein and Bell's teorem

and which to my mind shows how shaky it was when the Copenhagen interpretation  was put togheter.

And that Bell's theorem and Aspect like experiments force us to choose between non-local reality or solipsism. He cites Bell's and Popper's critiscism of the latter.

My view is that to belive in solipsism is intellectual hybris,

I think Platon's ideals The True. The Beautiful and The Good are a valid base for all human activities including science